Stickykeys portrait

Origin from I wanna be the fangame and Windows XP

StickyKeys is a boss character created by fhqwhgads7. The character himself is the final boss of the game, I wanna Be The Fangame, Where you would battle StickyKeys, a menu which appears on Windows XP computers when the Shift Button is quickly pressed five times.



ORIGINWindows PC/I Wanna Be The Fangame


StickyKeys follows a routine when battling his opponents based on his health bar. When you start, his only attack will be to get underneath the player and squash the opponent while occationaly shooting the occational fireball. After StickyKeys losses around 1/3 of his health, he will move to the next stage where he will bounce backwards and forwards while shooting three fireballs towards the opponent. After this he will then split into four transparent version of himself and will bounce around the screen, occationaly one of the transparent StickyKeys will flash, if you are in this flash, you will be hit and take damage. When this stage appers, attack and destroy all the transparent StickyKeys to cause the original StickyKey to reappear. When StickyKey has only 1/3 of his health left, he will enter his final stage where he will bounce across the screen while flashing colours which will damage anyone who hits them untill he loses all his health. It should be noted that when StickyKeys hits the ground, it will cause the player to be launched into the air unless the jump before he hits the ground When attacking StickyKeys, you must aim for the cancel button in the middle of StickyKey as the other parts of StickyKey will not recieve damage other than the cancel button which is also where he shoots his fireballs from. As for his stats, he does have slightly more health than a normal fighter and slightly better defence. ==Videos==

Mugen Mew vs Stickykeys02:29

Mugen Mew vs Stickykeys

DF Mugen Sticky Keys02:52

DF Mugen Sticky Keys

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